Power of modafinil and famous people who use it

Why is the modafinil so powerful?


1. It’s crucial for the modern rhythm of life

Maybe we can say that today nootropics are probably needed more than ever. We all live in the same kind of constant hustle – doesn’t matter what our jobs are and how rich or poor we are. Some people can lose a lot of their money or even positions in the companies if they are not super focused in any given moment, which put a lot of tension in each working day. The fear of losing profit and, what is worse, the life income is always noticeable, so people need more support in this serious battle.

The cruel world of capitalism made a huge number of people working in exhausting rotating or night shifts, which significantly disturbed their normal sleep cycle.

Although they can’t sleep well for weeks and months because of worries and stress, they still need to be highly productive at work.

On the other hand, some of the modafinil’s users want to combine great social life with business, which means they need a fast solution for hangovers and lack of sleep because of going out.

Many students need this medication for preparing exams because they simply can’t manage to pass all the difficult tests without this kind of support.

It’s needed in many professions

Power of Modafinil was clearly shown in cases of American soldiers who managed to survive 40 hours shifts with the precious help of this drug. USA pilots wouldn’t have enough of energy for 40 hours flights during the Iraq invasion without Modafinil.

Entrepreneurs and other intellectual workers are not the only sorts of people who take it – it is also very helpful for professional sports players, artists, even poker players.

Every job that asks for great focus, creativity, and quick decisions could be supported with the smart drug as Modafinil is.

3. It is safe

One of the most positive characteristics is that it doesn’t have any kind of crash or withdrawal. Have in mind that this is something many smart drugs have. Also, it is not addictive and it has a low potential for abuse. Let be honest – many potential smart drug users don’t buy it just because they believe it is easy to become dependent on them.

People today are not just looking for brain enhancers like this one, but also for safe products. They are not stupid at all; nobody wants to ruin their health because of something temporary needed. This is why Modafinil is the best – it combines great effect with complete safety for the body and brain.

4. It is extremely interesting for both scientist and celebrities

Although Modafinil was approved in the USA in 1998, it is still trendy among the scientists who are fascinated by its tremendous power. Only in 2017 80 papers were published about this smart drug. Those researchers wouldn’t spend so much time and energy if they didn’t think it is a particular product, would they?

Some famous and very successful people chose this nootropic to be their partner while exploring their talents and all the challenges life is bringing on. They are in constant need to stay awake and work on weekends and without errors, to manage to be in many places in a short period… As you all know, life today make us always give 100 percent of our energy every single day.

Well, prominent entrepreneurs and leaders who take care of their globally successful companies must do even more.

Who are the famous people who use Modafinil?

The first one on the list and maybe even the most important

Barrack Obama.

It is suspected that former president was regularly taking Modafinil while he was working in the White House. There was a medical report with the drug prescribed for jet lag and time management in Obama’s documents. Although it is not proven, many believe Modafinil (actually it’s brand Provigil) was helping Obama to overcome sleepiness because of changing time zones and manage his hectic working schedule as well.

Another politician is on the list – Hillary Clinton. Just like with former president, this fact is not proven, but many believe she was taking Modafinil or something very similar to fight against fatigue and all other difficulties especially during elections.

One of the potential proves could be the document showing her personal doctors were researching the effects of Provigil in 2011.

Tim Ferris, a well-known American entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker is one of the Modafinil’s users. The creator of “4 Hour Work Week” and an online work guru said that he doesn’t take this drug on a daily basis, but when he needs it.

Dave Asprey has been taking Modafinil for a few years now. This biohacking expert and inventor of Bulletproof coffee is a huge fan of this drug. The founder and chairman of Silicon Valley Health Institute said that he wouldn’t be so successful without this specific medication. It sharpened his focus and concentration and made him use his potential entirely.

Joe Rogan, American stand-up comedian, martial arts color commentator and podcast host, said that he was very satisfied with the effects Modafinil has on his brain and body.

Not just intellectual workers believe in this smart drugs great impact on the focus and concentration. Professional athletes do the same.

Barry Bonds was taking Modafinil to have better results. This baseball star is believed to take Modafinil together with steroids and HGH. American sprinter named Kelly White relied on it, too. Unfortunately, she was stripped off her World Championship medals by IAAF because of taking a non-allowed drug.

The list doesn’t end here for sure. Some famous writers claimed that Modafinil helped them overcome the utter fatigue and produce a specific number of words each day. Wall Street bankers, workers in competitive and intellectually challenging fields. Many more people use this kind of “cosmetic neurology,” occasionally or regularly, although they don’t want to speak about it publicly.


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