Adderall overview (Uses, side effects, treatment) vs modafinil

There is a variety of techniques for improving brain performances and cognitive abilities, but perhaps the most discussed theme about this is the use of nootropics.

Smart drugs are used to help people improve their memory, focus, attention, and general cognition. Adderall happens to be one of the most effective nootropics, but also one of the most disputed.

Adderall – overview

Adderall is a smart drug that has been on the market for over two decades. The on-label use of this medicine is to treat cognitive disorders, in children and adults, such as ADD, ADHD, but also Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Moreover, its efficacy has been proven in the treatment of sleep disorders. Healthy people use this medicine as a smart drug, as it can improve your cognitive abilities and makes your brain more productive.


Adderall contains amphetamines – that’s the primary reason why this drug has been a subject of numerous dilemmas. Amphetamines release dopamine together with norepinephrine; these substances transfer through the synapses of the brain and increase the level of excitement, attention, focus, alertness, and motivation.

Adderall can make you feel great, and high too

In fact, dopamine has characteristics in every experience to make you feel particularly great, like when you’re eating chocolate. Therefore, dopamine is involved in current dependency models. That’s how long-term use of any substance can create addiction; it raises the level of these neurotransmitters in the brain.

The organism gets used to this, and after cessation of Adderall, the brain will try to recover all additional dopamine by removing its dopamine receptors. So it tries to recreate that feeling of euphoria that nootropic use caused. If it does not exist, the symptoms of abstinence crisis such as trembling, fever, psychological disorders, etc. can appear.

Of course, this does not always have to be the case. Adderall has proven to be highly effective as a particular type of mental doping.

Side effects of this smart drug

Adderall, as a brain stimulant, might provide some cognitive enhancement for users. On the other hand, side effects it can cause can be very serious. It depends on many factors, but symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache may or may not occur.

Allergic reactions are always possible, as with any drug. If you use Adderall as a smart drug, as soon as you notice any swelling, elevated body temperature or skin rash, stop using it immediately and contact your doctor.

Loss of appetite, pain in any part of the body, difficulty breathing or heart disorders are some of the more severe psychical contraindications. The substances found in this medicine may affect our mental health, especially if it comes to overdosing with Adderall.

If you notice that you have dark, suicidal thoughts, you neglect your social life because of work or simply, you become depressed and anxious, contact a doctor and note if you have taken Adderall. These symptoms are rare, but cases have been reported, and it is crucial to expanding awareness about possible side effects.

Modafinil vs. Adderall – which one is better?

Many users would not agree that it is wise to compare these two nootropics. Each of them has certain advantages, and considering the diversity of all of us, no medicine will have the same effect.

However, in general, if you compare modafinil and Adderall, a mild advantage would be on the side of the drug of the newer generation, modafinil.


The first and essential thing, modafinil does not create addiction. Although its mechanism of action is not yet fully known, so far it is understood that the use of this smart drug does not cause addiction. Modafinil, unlike Adderall, does not affect the increased production of dopamine and norepinephrine. Instead, modafinil “hits” the specific acid, called gamma-aminobutyric acid, which can slow the brain activity and reduce its cognitive capacity utilization.


FDA Categorization

Adderall is an FDA-approved amphetamine, used in the treatment of serious illnesses such as narcolepsy, ADD, and ADHD. However, although it has been approved as an official pharmaceutical product, due to its high potential for abuse and creation of addiction, it is in Schedule II category. Modafinil, as it does not contain psychoactive substances, is listed on Schedule IV.

Which one has fewer side effects?

Since we have already indicated the possible side effects that use of Adderall may cause, it is essential to remark that the occurrence of contraindications in modafinil is sporadic. Both drugs affect appetite suppression. Simply, when you are completely focused on work, sometimes forget to eat. And when your focus is at its highest level for more than 12 hours, the food becomes irrelevant.

As for contraindications, these often occur in Adderall and can be more severe than when you use modafinil. While dry mouth and mild nausea are generally present in the new-generation drug, these common symptoms are more frequent in Adderall.

Also, with a smart drug based on amphetamine, the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms may be possible. If you stop taking Adderall, it’s quite possible that you’ll feel some depression, fatigue, mood swings, etc. In more severe cases, the appearance of suicidal thoughts was reported.
Mechanism of action

Both modafinil and Adderall have been proven to be a brain enhancer. Although their mechanism of action is not the same, both drugs influence the improvement of cognitive abilities, affect the state of alertness and keep our concentration at a very high level.

The operating time for these two nootropics is also different. Adderall has a bit longer effect than modafinil, but modafinil makes you focused and productive during the whole time of working. Both smart drugs promote wakefulness and keep you away from sudden fatigue attacks. Also, modafinil and adderall prove to be effective as a study aid, both in their ways. But user experiences tell that modafinil is slightly better than adderall. In fact, it represents an improved, non-addictive version of adderall. You can get modafinil online.

Adderall can be put under psychostimulants. Due to its composition, and the dose of amphetamine in it, this smart drug affects your brain performances, but not making you more intelligent. None study drug can do that.

Modafinil is not classified as a stimulant. Its on-label use is for treating sleep disorders. For off-label use, it keeps you awake and improves the decision-making process. Simply, modafinil makes you more rational and reduces the impact of external factors on your work.