Is it legal to buy Adderall online without prescription? Don’t buy until you read this.

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What is Adderall?

Adderall is a prescription drug which stimulates the central nervous system by increasing the level of dopamine. It is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It is being used as a medication for attention deficit hyperactivity and narcolepsy. Adderall can cause euphoria and improve cognitive control and wakefulness.

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Many students use this drug to stay energetic and focused, to write a master thesis or prepare for difficult exams. Not just students – many employees who need shorter reaction time, better memory, etc. have benefited from it, on regular basis or occasionally. That is why it is very commonly abused, especially in the USA.

Buying Adderall online?

Online shopping is usually much more convenient than the traditional one and today it is used for almost everything a person can buy. Many people are trying to buy Adderall and other cognitive enhancers in this way. Today it is easier to access Adderall online, the number of prescriptions written by year is higher than earlier and also it is more available without a prescription.

But, is it really THAT available?

The very first thing – buying Adderall online without a prescription, although is possible, is not legal. Some of these websites owners claim that you can buy Adderall online from them with no prescription because this is the one of over the counter drugs, but this is not true. Simply, this drug is prescription, not an over the counter drug.

Remember that all the medications which can cause physical or mental dependence are being prescribed and are controlled in that way. Actually, no one can bring the prescribed drug into the country beside the original manufacturer. After all, you don’t just need a prescription for obtaining Adderall, but it should also be written by a health care provider and sent to the pharmacy electronically. Another thing – you will need to get another prescription every time you get it filled.

Today, there are many unreliable online sources for Adderall that can be problematic. Buying through them can lead not just to legal problems, but also problems related to your health. The purchaser can’t have an idea about the content of the bottle, which makes him/her very vulnerable. Some of the online pharmacies sell drugs at deeply discounted prices, often without a prescription.

Those medications can be dangerous. Their drugs might be missing the right ingredients or containing the wrong ones, maybe they weren’t stored properly…All of these facts can potentially cause allergic reactions or numerous negative effects on your body.

Tips for buying Adderall online:

Some of the clients claim they are using websites for ordering this kind of drugs for years without any problem, but this is not something that often happens. If you still want to take a risk and buy this drug on a website here is what you should take care about:

1. Try not to buy from online pharmacies where prices are too good to be true or if there is no licensed pharmacist available for consultation.

2. Avoid the ones who send the spam all the time offering very cheap drugs. Maybe you can check if they are on the list of the not recommended online pharmacies, which isn’t 100 percent sure method, but it is helpful.

3. If it is possible to pay by Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a kind of anonymous payment method and this is the reason many buyers use it. No trail of personal data is left, so it can’t be tracked. That means there couldn’t be any legal consequence. (Legal consequences by being caught with Adderall could be a fine or being held in prison.)

4. Some of the higher level websites with Adderall can’t be found by searching on Google, but only on the dark web. Because of that, they can be recommended by the specific person first so you can get URL.
5. In the end, have in mind that fully automated systems for ordering are faster and easier to use.

Ordering Adderall online is not the only way to get it without prescription. Some people with prescriptions are also selling this drug to the one who doesn’t have it. They realized it is a very desirable drug and decided to gain a profit in this way.

Today you can online buy from pharmacies that are located in Europe or Canada, too. India is the country many are talking about as a source of smart or any other kind of drugs. Furthermore, one of the most popular sites is based in India and it offers a full refund if the package with Adderall is lost or seized at customs.

Adderall side effects?

Just like with all other medications, some side effects can appear in this case, too. Some researchers say that positive effects of Adderall are often being exaggerated and side effects minimized, so buyers should be extra careful about them. Users can experience upset stomach or stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, fever, dizziness, blood circulation problems, rising heart rate and blood pressure. Severe side effects include cardiac problems, stroke or even sudden death.

That is why people with high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart disease, heart defect, glaucoma, severe anxiety, a history of drug or alcohol abuse should be very careful about taking it. Also, those who take MAO inhibitor in the past two weeks should avoid taking this drug. Taking Adderall during pregnancy is irresponsible because it can cause low birth weight, premature birth or withdrawal symptoms on the baby.

Breastfeeding during taking Adderall is not recommended because this drug can pass into breast milk.

You shouldn’t chew or open capsules but just swallow them. Store them at room temperature away from heat, light, and moisture.

Don’t take it in smaller or bigger doses than recommended and not longer than you should. Adderall can cause withdrawal reactions if it is being used for a long time. The first signs of a dependence can be finishing the prescription sooner than you should, weight loss, changes in mood, etc. Don’t share this drug with anyone, especially the person who has a long history in drug or alcohol abuse.